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Medical Transcription Coalition Membership, Organization, and Structure

Posted by Moderator MT Coalition on October 30, 2017 at 11:30 PM Comments comments (2)

The Medical Transcription Coalition (MTC) formed to organize efforts at improving conditions for home-based and other workers in MTSOs in areas including performance measurement, working conditions, compensation and benefits.  There is difficulty in organizing workers to collectively bargain due to lack of access to each other and/or collective bargaining representation.

While there are other web sites and organizations that offer forums to discuss the above conditions among other varied topics, this site offers a focused means to organize through online networking and conferencing to share ideas and strategies to improve conditions in MTSOs.

Membership in the MT Coalition is free.  We volunteer our time and talents.

In the future, if the members choose to engage in work group regulatory activity, or form bargaining units or cooperatives, fund raising, grants, and/or fees could be determined at that time, separate from MTC membership.

Please review the other topic areas in the focused action forums section below for your input.

If you have suggestions for MT Coalition membership, organization, and structure, and/or wish to volunteer in specific activities, please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments above (or via the contact form).